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Singapore is a neat and urban garden city with good public order and perfect facilities. The blending of cultures from different countries has shaped Singapore's distinctive and highly integrated culture of other countries. In the bilingual environment, it attracts many foreign students. Therefore, Singapore has become an education hub in Asia.

Singapore has won the world's best place to live in Asians and is indeed an ideal learning environment that gives parents the peace of mind.


Strict selection of student hostels and homestay families, arrangements for students to stay comfortable and convenient boarding environment.

We have long-standing relationships with Singapore student hostels and homestay families so parents can understand their students' livelihoods and engage in comprehensive research and market research to understand Singapore's living conditions and provide highly accurate information to parents and students.

student dormitory

Student dormitory life focuses on diversified development, activities to develop student leadership, perseverance and self-confidence, so that students can balance and comprehensive study. Exchange students to each other, training team cooperation and self-learning ability. Dormitory living environment is safe and quiet, always learning together with peers, easy to enjoy boarding life.


To integrate students into families in Singapore to learn English and Chinese from everyday life. To better understand local customs, cultures and living habits, to experience the true Singaporean life, and to effectively enhance conversational skills.

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