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Singapore cultural exchange, exclusive tour group services

  • Experienced intimate support and follow-up

  • In line with different learning topics and student age, we carefully arrange high-quality attractions and provide independent package service for various types of customers and educational institutions.

  • Tailor-made and planned professional arrangements for transportation, accommodation, meals, itinerary and special thematic activities tailored to each need and preference.

  • Flexibly customize the number of people, days and departure dates to effectively arrange different learning journeys.

Study tours (groups and travel agencies)

Apart from academic elements, students can deepen their understanding of moral education and civic education by broadening their knowledge of local life, excursions and learning. They also expand their international horizons. To meet the needs of different students, learning objectives and budget, carefully planning cultural exchange and enrichment learning study tour; to enhance students' thinking and analytical skills. With many years of experience in travel services, we can take care of all aspects of transportation, accommodation, tourism and teaching.


Travel LifeShuttle will be uploaded to SGreat's exclusive Facebook page where parents and classmates can browse and share photos with each other, keeping track of students' livelihood in Singapore.

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