SGreat aims to fully promote a wide range of beauty professional services and education, professional beauty services with a professional attitude, delicate caring service to take care of every customer. Our professional team has more than 20 years of experience in international and Hong Kong recognized beauty and health department mentor, to provide the correct professional knowledge and teaching services.


1) Singapore B2b therapeutic skin care products. A complete line of professional skin care products using active ingredients and clinical active grade active ingredients, in order to achieve quick results and efficient results, the effect is significant.

2) Singapore Medi Esthe skin care products introduces Dermatologist Solutions, a collection to address specific skin conditions such as aging, sensitivity and surface texture.

Service area

1. Product retail

2. Product wholesale

3. Study, business plan and strategy

4. Department of Beauty & Health Services: Beauty & Health, Makeup & Aromatherapy category services

5. Business banquet beauty make-up hairstyle service

6. Personal and company staff training, seminars and workshops

7. Student training and teaching

Develop to meet the needs of Asian skin