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Close to Hong Kong, Singapore is a neat and cosmopolitan garden city. Social security is good. The cultures of different countries blend together to form Singapore's distinctive and highly integrated essence of the cultures of other countries.


It is an ideal learning environment that gives parents the peace of mind. Formerly British colonial Singapore, retains the British education system. Singapore's education system is also widely recognized internationally.


It focuses on the basic elements of learning and develops students' creativity, thinking skills and analytical skills. The outstanding performance of Singaporean students in the past has not only brought academic improvements to Singapore's schools, but also confirmed its international recognition of academic status. It is definitely a good place for study and study in Singapore's schools.

Specializing in kindergarten, primary schools and high school to university studies in Singapore, to help students apply for admission to public, private and international schools; to provide long-term academic courses.

We have long-standing ties with Singapore schools to enable parents and students to have up-to-date education and conduct a full range of research and market surveys to understand the state of education in Singapore so as to provide high-accuracy information to parents and student.

Singapore government primary and secondary preparatory classes

Interested in studying in Singapore mainstream primary schools through preparatory classes to Singapore to participate in training, personalized, interactive teaching system and the combination of classroom teaching methods; strengthen English and Mathematics improvement training, effective learning for academic preparation .

Singapore Cambridge GCE O-Level Preparatory Course

The GCE O-Level test scores are recognized and accepted by all Commonwealth countries. Students can apply for admission to Singapore Junior College, Polytechnic and Craft Education, Junior College or Commonwealth Preparation classes in overseas Commonwealth countries.

Personal academic courses

Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science Courses. Flexibility to customize class time, with individual learning progress, enhance personal language ability and enhance competitiveness.

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